Where to Find an eBook Cover Design Template

Finding an eBook cover design template online does not need to be difficult. I have a few tips below that can help you save time and get exactly what you need. By avoiding common mistakes, you will have more time to actually design your cover so you can get your book published.

Tips for Finding eBook Cover Templates

Instead of just giving you a link to a single template, I am going to show you the best way to find an appropriate cover template for your eBook.

  • What Marketplace? – Will you be publishing on Amazon only? What about Barnes and Noble or Apple iBooks? Every market has different requirements for the cover. So, if you are going to publish wide, you need to make sure you find a cover template for each and every marketplace.
  • Outdated Information? – Self-publishing is constantly evolving. When you're searching for an eBook cover template online, it's important to ensure you're using one that is current. There's nothing worse than designing your cover then realizing it's the wrong size.
  • What Tools? – Another question you need to ask is what software you will be using to design the cover. Photoshop is the preferred favorite of professional designers, but many online tools are also available now. Be sure to match-up the template you download with the graphics software you typically use to design eBook covers.
  • Beware of Sketchy Websites – If your sixth sense tingles when you browse to a website offering free eBook templates, it's a good idea to listen to your guy most of the time. Be aware of the type of file you're downloading and make sure your anti-virus software is up to date.
  • Be Flexible – If you are going to be publishing on different markets and need your eBook covers different sizes, be ready to spend a little extra time designing so that every version looks as good as possible. As you know (or should know), good cover design sells eBooks!

Whether you publish fiction or non-fiction, having a professionally designed cover is incredibly important if you want to actually sell any copies. The eBook Gold Rush is still happening, but with so much competition these days, you really need a cover that stands out.

The truth is that you probably do not even need an eBook cover template. As long as you know the size (in pixels) of the cover for various online marketplaces for eBooks, you should be able to use your graphics software to create your own eBook template for the cover. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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