Wedding Photographer Duties


There are several things that a wedding photographer will do in order to help him get the best wedding pictures.

Firstly, he will interview you at length. He needs to know what are your special desires and desires regarding your wedding photo albums. He needs to know some practical things like if you will be requiring photograph frames, and how many copies you want of the pictures. Apart from this, he will also probably ask you to show him a selection of previous photographs taken of yourself that you particularly like. This will give him a good idea of ​​how to take photographs that you will find pleasing. It is also an idea to take along a selection of pictures that you do not like if you have any, as this will help him know how not to take your wedding pictures.

As well as interviewing you, a good wedding photographer may want to speak to other members of the wedding party. He may designate the task of deciding who should be in certain groups to a family member or friend. Getting groups of siblings, or aunts and uncles together is difficult for a wedding photographer because he does not know the people involved. However a family helper knows everyone and that can speed up the process of getting the group pictures done in an optimal manner.

A good wedding photographer will have a photo planner, and he will show you what he has included in it before your big day. The photo planner will list all the types of photographs that you are looking for, such as special poses, and group photographs containing specific members of family or friends.

Although the cost of the wedding photographer should not be your main issue if you want extremely good wedding pictures, it is obviously important that you know what you will be charged well in advance. There is no point in getting into deep discussions with a photographer about your wedding pictures if he is going to charge you so much that you can not afford it. Asking about the prices early in the proceedings can save a lot of time and disappointment. You should also make sure that the price quoted is the final price. Make sure you know exactly what is included in the quote, and that there will be no hidden costs. Many wedding photographers use an assistant for the big day, so it should be made clear if you will be charged separately for the assistant's work.


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