WEB & GRAPHIC Portfolio - Business Template

WEB & GRAPHIC Portfolio – Business Template

Valid XHTML version available for this template.
“Click Here”

Web 2.0 Portfolio Template or you can change it for Business site

Fonts used:
“Optimus Princeps” for the Headline
(free for download and use “http://www.dafont.com/search.php?psize=m&q=optimus”)
Other fonts: Arial, Arial Black, Tahoma – all web fonts.

Twitter icon:
you can purchase this icon here:
or you can use your own twitter icon.

Tree image:
Public Domain Picture

All 4 pages in one PSD-file.
There are 5 PSD-files with 5 colors (orange,red,blue,green,yellow)
You can custumize any color you like.
Excellent organized folders for all pages – every single part from the design is layered.

Image based help-tutorial file is included in the zip file
1. Most important parts for all pages.
2. Structure for every page.
3. How to change main colors
4. How to add more Buttons

And finaly – you need to come up with some good “Slogans” for the Headline part to Pop-up. :)

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