Turning Photography As a Hobby Into a Money Maker

So, you have purchased a new digital camera, become familiar with all of its capabilities and have taken lots of great pictures; now it's time to see if you can sell some of them. The first thing you need to do if you are interested in selling photographs you have already taken is to find a buyer. There are currently a few different ways to find buyers for your photos. The first is to upload them to one of the many different websites that host photography collections. These sites allow prospective buyers to browse the many different photos that are stored on the website. This may be a good idea if you have some really interesting or unique subject matter as people who are looking for that specific subject can search for it and you will not have much competition from the other photographers who put their images on the site.

The downside to this outlet is that there its lots of competition and if someone is browsing through all of the photographs there is a chance they might not even get far enough to see your photos. While uploading your photos to a site that will host you can eliminate some of the leg work and maintenance on your part, do not forget that the hosting company will take a cut of any sales you make.

Another way you can sell your photography is to find an art gallery or local business that will agree to put your work on display for customers to purchase. This will require that you have your prints professionally developed and mounted or bordered for a look that is more aesthetically pleasing to prospective buyers. While selling your photos in this way will generally require you to give a cut of the profits to whatever agreed to display your art, there are sometimes ways around this. If you offer free photo sessions and prints to local business owners, they may be more likely to let you display and sell your pieces in their offices or stores for free and not require that you give them a cut of any prints you sell.

One other way to get your prints in the hands of prospective buyers is by signing up for a booth at a local arts and crafts festival. Do some research to see when and where these festivals are taking place and find out the details about booths, such as cost and other requirements or restrictions. Once you have a booth you can display your prints for sale and also hand out business cards or fliers that direct prospective buyers to your online portfolio where they can order prints or request your photography services. If you're going to take this route, it would be a good idea to get your photographs printed in a variety of sizes and have some mounted or add a thick border around the photos in a contrasting color to make them more attractive to buyers.

If you do not already have a collection of photographs you would like to sell, a great way to start is by combining a collection is by taking photos of images that can be used as stock photos. Stock photos are high quality photographs of specific subject matter that people purchase, mostly to use on websites or promotional materials. Some examples of popular stock photo subjects include, close up of textures, nature, people smiling or performing specific tasks and interesting shots of objects like computers, sports or medical equipment or electronic devices. Once you have a collection of these type of images you can upload them to one of many sites that sell stock photography. While these sites do take a portion of your earnings in exchange for hosting your photos, the photos can be sold to more than one person over and over again. If you get enough photos uploaded, it could make for a steady stream of additional income for you.

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