Top 5 Tips on Becoming a Model and Breaking Into the Modeling Industry

Despite the hype and glamor you've seen about the modeling profession- it's hard work. It can be intense and sometimes tedious but for the select few who make it, the rewards are large. Modeling is a business and being successful as a model requires dedication, work and persistence. There is no easy way to make it big but following these five steps will definitely put you ahead of the game.

Self Assesment: The first step is to do some soul searching. You'll first need to think about what type of modeling you want to do: runway, glamour, fitness, print, commercial, plus-size. Many agencies and publications specialize in a particular type of modeling, so you'll want to figure out your niche and put together a portfolio that reflects your style.
Join Modeling Websites There are many free modeling community websites which allow you to join, create a profile, interact with other models / photographer and find work. This is a GREAT way to gain exposure and get your face in front of a massive amount of people. You should have profiles at EACH of the major modeling communities Miss Online, Model Mayhem, One Model Place).

Build a suitable portfolio: This is a very important step. Any agency you go too will want to see your portfolio. Setting up quality head shots will help them see you. Make sure they are taken with mild make-up and they are able to see your face clearly. It is important not to overdo them it will be hard for the agent to see the working template if there is too much or your face is hidden. If you do not have one yet, dont worry. Networking with professional photographers on a modeling community website will make it easy.

Mail your photos in to Major Magazines: Find magazines that you think your look would fit in with and mail your photos in. You'll want to be sure to send them to the right person. Look for someone with the position / title of Photo editor, featured editor or research editor. Be sure to get the name and contact info of that person and send them your photos. If you are willing to invest a few dollars, why not send them an overnight fedex? This will surely get their attention and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Be Persistent: This is important because there will be many "Rejections" in your search. Remember that people are naturally programmed to say NO at the first approach. Do not let this get to you. It takes persistence to make it as a model and you need to understand that it can take months from the first introduction to the intended action. The most successful models have heard "NO" more than any others and that's why they're successful today. The never quit!

To learn more about becoming a model visit the Miss Online Modeling Community [].

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