The Four P's to Outsourcing Web Designing


Every businessman knows of the four P's in business: Price, Place, Promotion and Product. However not many people know of the four P's when it comes to outsourcing web designing: Practical, Professional, Passionate and Non-Plagiarising. Okay maybe the last one is not technically a P but it is still something that people over look. So now that the four (* cough) P's on the 'outsource web design techniques' have been outdone the next stage is to apply them.

Practical; is it practical for you or your company to outsource your web designing in the first place?
Usually when people are asked this question they either have a straight answer. However in more than 70% of situations where the answer is "no" they have not properly considered the benefits of outsourcing website designing. The easy way to find out if you are in a situation where outsourcing is clearly the best option is to ask yourself, "if I had the perfect website designer at a fair price could I make more money". Making money does not have to actually be tangible money it could be time that you save and can therefore do other things. Once you have properly considered this the next stage of the 'outsource web design' technique needs to be looked at.

Professional; has the freelance designer or company created a professional website?
One thing not to do is to simply Google the words "outsource web design" and choose the best aesthetically pleasing website. Instead you need to look deeper, as in the coding level deep. If you have the tools installed then check the coding and see if it meets as high a standard. The reason for this is simply because they may be using outdated techniques such as invisible tables. You also need to ensure that on contacting the person (s) they act in a professional manner. If you are satisfied with your communications then again you should look at the next word.

Passionate; are they passionate about what they do?
This is also a simple concept if when you contacted the freelance writer or company they appeared very professional this is good. However if you then start talking ideas and they simply agree without giving any input then you are illegally to get that merge of ideas and professional skill. Without that you will more often then not end up with a sub standard website design.

Non-Plagiarising; self explanatory


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