Real Power of Converting PSD to XHTML

Nobody can challenge the real power of PSD to XHTML conversion when look at web development point of view. The top quality hand-coded converting PSD TO HTML / XHTML / CSS play a reliably active role in coding static PSD format based web layout by using strong XHTML mark-up language cleanly. The process of XHTML / CSS conversion from PSD starts with slicing of Adobe PhotoShop based files in to multi-layers that further coded with clean, table-less, SEO semantic, Cross Browser Compatible and W3C standards validated XHTML mark-up languages.

Earlier, HTML has been used for coding and converting PSD files. Due to lack of some basic functionalities like file switching over process of transformation HTML has been substituted with its extensible language XHTML (XHTML 1.0, XHTML 1.2, XHTML 2.0). The XML syntax based on eXtensible HyperText Markup Language is and is a stricter and cleaner version of HTML and more restrictive subset of SGML. (X) HTML is a "proper" markup language most frequently used for modern and future web-development. There are some reasons to be keep in mind for clean and semantic XHTML conversion from static PSD.

Quick Glance at modern principals to keep codes clean while PSD to XHTML conversion:

  • Specify to strict DOCTYPE
  • encoding characters set & amp;
  • Proper indentation of codes
  • Go for CSS and JavaScript external
  • Try to nest tags properly
  • Avoid unnecessary Divs
  • Go for better naming conventions
  • Use CSS for typography
  • Apply a class to the body
  • Highly validated code
  • Say yes to logical ordering

In the past few years, a phenomenal growth has been witnessed in PSD to XHTML that helped world mature web development market to adopt it as a foundation of fully accessible web portal. This type of conversion is consistently footholds a major part in the comprehensive range of web development services. Its portfolio of benefits ranges from W3C standards to programming semantics, multi-browser compatibility, highest level of quality, minimum turnaround time, rapid assistance, improved customer satisfaction, XHTML tag semantics, speed optimized mark-ups etc.

We all know that coding part is usually proved as a hard part of the web development process and therefore, it is advisable to hire HTML developer assistance for clean, cross browser compatible, table-less XHTML conversion. The reason is simple – a skilled web developer with solid knowledge of HTML / XHTML / CSS mark-up languages ​​know how to convert PSD to XHTML quickly and efficiently. PSD to XHTML conversion is considered the bridge between web programming as well as web design seamlessly used to add functionality in the static web layout.

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