Portfolio Assessment – How to Evaluate a Portfolio

To understand how to assess a portfolio it is necessary to know what exactly a portfolio is. A portfolio is a collection of the student or person's efforts that shows their progress and achievements in several areas in a particular curriculum. This collection has several of the student's certificates and other criteria which show the students participation in many competitive events to prove their abilities. This is like an overall judgment of the caliber of the persons work and what the person is capable of doing.

Basically the portfolio of a person helps in assessing them for any particular kind of skills and helps to evaluate them. This is also an insight into their achievements and team spirit and their own initiative and motivation. This makes the selection process easier because it is a transparent proof of the person's abilities and shows what they are capable of producing in future assignments. Just judging by a persons academic skills is not always sufficient to get the true picture of what a person is capable of finally doing, but a portfolio helps the evaluator to see the growth of the student from a novice to a qualified individual.

A portfolio assesses a person's growth step by step and provides the person who is evaluating the candidate a clear picture of the trend in which the person achieved more knowledge and improved in their overall performance. This also shows where the person's expertise lies and whether he or she can work better with a team or individually. It also shows whether the person can take risks to develop a new method of doing business or improving sales or whatever it is that is going to be their future assignment and what their future job is going to entail.

To assess a portfolio and find out how suitable the candidate is for a particular post the evaluator should assess the person with points for each area and then draw their conclusions. In this way they can even see where the candidates strengths and where their weaknesses lie. Each job requires a particular mindset and the person should fit the bill if they are going to be able to deliver the goods. Based on this the candidate should be assessed and evaluated. No matter how brilliant the candidate is in any given field he or she will have to prove their mettle in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir job.

Evaluating a person's portfolio is based on the skill of the evaluator too and he should be able to gauge the potential of the candidate before taking them on for the job. Some of the key areas where a person's skills are to be evaluated are wherever the person grasps the importance of an issue, can judge it and be analytical about it and can implement it in the best way possible. Once all this is ascertained there should be no further doubts about the assessment of the portfolio.

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