Pizzaro - Food Online Ordering eCommerce PSD

Pizzaro – Food Online Ordering eCommerce PSD

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Pizzaro – Food Online Ordering eCommerce PSD Template

Pizzaro Food Online Platform PSD is a modern, functional and clean layouts design with premium attention to the details for Fast food, sushi and Pizza delivering restaurants.

Pizzaro - Food Online Ordering eCommerce

Pizzaro – Pizza Restaurant with Ordering Theme

Based on my half year of research into the field of food delivering, online orders and local fast food restaurants including meeting personaly
local owners that provides food delivering i designed this convenient online food ordering PSD Template to deliver most unique and suitable pizza ecommerce website.

Pizzaro PSD is a online food ordering platform, pizza and fast food locals template focused to your needs and to the expectations of your clients.

Use custom, user friendly food picking shop pages, galleries, blogs or write about recipes you would like to share with your customers.

With Pizzaro, you can choose from six modern, clean and professional home content pages with sections that can be easily
customisable and be transfered from one to another to perfectly frame your content and suit your and potential customer needs.

List of Pages

  1. HomePage.psd
  2. HomePage-Extended.psd
  3. HomePage-Dark.psd
  4. HomePage-Light.psd
  5. HomePage-FullWidth.psd
  6. HomePage-Sidebar.psd
  7. HomePage-Parallax.psd
  8. ShopGrid-3Col.psd
  9. ShopGrid-4Col.psd
  10. ShopGrid-6Col.psd
  11. Shop-Listing.psd
  12. Shop-Listing-2Col.psd
  13. Shop-Listing-NoProductImages.psd
  14. Shop-Listing-NoProductImages-Parallax.psd
  15. Shop-Sidebar-Grid-3Col.psd
  16. Shop-Sidebar-Listing.psd
  17. Shop-Sidebar-Listing-2Col.psd
  18. Shop-Dark-Grid-3Col.psd
  19. Shop-Dark-Listing.psd
  20. Shop-Dark-Listing-2Col.psd
  21. Shop-Dark-Listing-NoProductImages.psd
  22. Shop-SingleProduct.psd
  23. Shop-SingleProductV2.psd
  24. Shop-SingleProductV3.psd
  25. Shop-SingleProduct-Nurtitions.psd
  26. Shop-SingleProduct-Reviews.psd
  27. ShoppingCart.psd
  28. Checkout.psd
  29. OrderComplete.psd
  30. TrackYourOrder.psd
  31. Login-Register.psd
  32. Gallery-Masonry-2Col.psd
  33. Gallery-Masonry-3Col-WithHeading.psd
  34. Gallery-Masonry-4Col.psd
  35. Gallery-Grid-FullWidth-4Col.psd
  36. Gallery-Grid-3Col.psd
  37. Gallery-Single.psd
  38. Gallery-Single-Recipe.psd
  39. Blog.psd
  40. Blog-2Col.psd
  41. Blog-FullWidth.psd
  42. Blog-FullWidth-3Col.psd
  43. Blog-SingleEntry.psd
  44. AboutUs.psd
  45. Contact.psd
  46. TermsAndConditions.psd
  47. FAQ.psd

Font used in template:
OpenSans, Yanone Kaffeesatz

Images on preview are not included.

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