Make Your Own Website Up

Make your own website up; This is something that anyone can do, if you have your own website it can be really rewarding especially if you have created it yourself.

Have you ever wondered if it would have been possible to make your own website up, many people are put off from doing this because they think it is too difficult, even if you would like to make your own website up it is fairly easy if you have the right tools and a little patience.

Kompozer is a great and also a free piece of software that you can download and use it to make your own website up. There are many other website building applications out there and some of them can be quite expensive and difficult to use. I personally believe that kompozer is fine for most applications.

When you start to make your own website up you will almost certainly want to have photographs and images on your site. This can cause a problem because most photographs taken on digital cameras have a high file size.

This causes web pages to load slowly; This problem is easily resolved with another free downloadable piece of software called irfanview. You can also use this application to do many other things including cropping your photographs.

By doing a few searches online you will easily find pictures and images that you can use on your own website, you can search for free ones and you can also purchase really nice images and photographs for a very small fee.

When you decide to make your own website up a really nice easy shortcut is to use a ready made web template. Do an online search for web templates, again some will be free and others you will have to pay for.

Now the free images, photographs and web templates can often have some rather horrible clues attached to them. For example you may have to allow the company whoave you the free item to advertise on your site or have a link on your site. So be sure to read the small print. This does not apply to the free software that I wrote about at the beginning of this article.

When you make your own website up you will need to purchase a domain name, think carefully about the name you choose. It is a good idea to choose a name that has relevance to the theme of your website, especially if you intend to earn money from your website.

Also when choosing your domain name I would recommend using a dot com name, unless you only have a target market such as your home country.

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