LD Studio PSD Template

LD Studio PSD Template

LD Studio – a theme that combines moderate and genuine aesthetics with functionality and usability for both normal and mobile usage.

1. The PSD files were made in Adobe Photoshop CS3 , and should run in any other Photoshop version.
2. There are 10 PSD files included in total, all of which are fully layered and customizable.

Contains 10 PSD files:

  1. Main(01_main.psd)
  2. Blog (02_blog.psd)
  3. Blog_singlepost (03_blog_singlepost.psd)
  4. Portfolio (04_portfolio.psd)
  5. Contacts (05_contacts.psd)
  6. Mobile_main(06_mobile_main.psd)
  7. Mobile_blog (07_mobile_blog.psd)
  8. Mobile_blog_singlepost (08_mobile_blog_singlepost.psd)
  9. Mobile_portfolio (09_mobile_portfolio.psd)
  10. Mobile_contacts (10_mobile_contacts.psd)

Technical details:

  • Normal & Mobile versions
  • 12 columns grid based design (960.gs)
  • Layered .psd for each page included, well organized, easy to customize and ready to slice
  • All interactive elements (buttons, menus, text fields) are grouped in a layered .psd, which makes it easy to found and slice
  • Layout width: 960px
  • Mobile layout width: 320px

Fonts used in template

  • Fonts (non-standard)
  • Icons used in template

  • Icons


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