INKA – Retro Flavor Design Template

Inka PSD Template is designed with a flavor of retro & fanciness for responsive 1140 Grid Layout.
It can be used as an Web Agency Website, Business Theme, Personal Blog, Portfolio Website, Magazine or any project. Professional designed whit attention to details and options. The Psds are fully layered and well organized in Folders. Multiple options are included.

Blog – 2 PSDs
Blog Post and Single Post

Home – 4 PSDs
One Page Design, Portfolio Related 1, Portfolio Related 2, Services Related

Portfolio – 4 PSDs
Portfolio 1, Portfolio 2, Portfolio 3, Portfolio Single

Shortcodes & Misc – 4 PSDs
Info Boxes, Social & Buttons, Shortcodes, Sliders, Typography

Special Pages – 6 PSDs
404, About, Contact, Lightbox, Services 1, Services 2

Before opening any psd file please download and install Rokkitt and Vast Shadow google fonts

Fonts used in Psd-s are:
Vast Shadow
Georgia – General Font
Bello – Logo Font

You can get the icons used in the PSDs from
They are part of the 560 Delicious Beeries Icons Set – a icon pack made by me Oliviu Stoian.
The icons included in PSDs are free to be used in any way you want with no resctrictions.
If you need more icons you can get them from the icons page.

Images used in the “Inka” belong to Benjamin Von Wong –
Benjamin Von Wong is a passionate and dynamic young artist based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
The images are used as an example and are not included in the final downloaded pack.
We have the written permission to use the images in our themes and files.

Do you need any support?
Send us a message through the form on our profile page.
This will allow us to see which of our files you have purchased.
Please indicate the exact file name if you haven’t purchase it yet.


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