CreoBIZ - Corporate / Creative PSD Template

CreoBIZ – Corporate / Creative PSD Template

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CreoBIZ PSD Template

Template Description

CreoBIZ (Creative / Business) is a PSD theme developed especially for creative agencies, studios, small and enterprise level companies, local business
You can use this template for creating website based on any framework and any language. For example you can create template for WordPress, Drupal, Django, Expression, Joomla CMS or even custom CMF (Such as: Symfony, Cake PHP, Ruby on Rails…).

We have included best practice of web development – you can create great website layout based on Grid960, Twitter Bootstrap or Kickstrap.


  • 01. Home Page
  • 02. Contacts & Feedback
  • 03. Page Not Found / Error 404
  • 04. Blog Page
  • 05. Gallery
  • 06. Shortcodes (for WordPress)
  • 07. Red Variation
  • 08. Green Variation
  • 09. Cyan Variation
  • 10. Blue Variation
  • 11. Dark Red Variation
  • 12. Dark Orange Variation
  • 13. Dark Green Variation
  • 14. Dark Cyan Variation
  • 15. Dark Blue Variation


CreoBIZ PSD Template - All Pages

CreoBIZ PSD Template - Colours


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