What Things to Put in Character Letter of Recommendation

If you are writing for someone who wishes to rent an apartment, then the content of the letter will be different than writing a letter for court appearance.

Character Recommendation Letter Examples

Here there are two samples that will tell you the difference in writing for both the mentioned situations. In the first case, the letter can also be called a personal reference letter. It can be written by a friend, neighbour, relative, etc.

Sample Character Recommendation Letter by Friend

Date: 05/29/2012

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Ronald Daniel is a helpful person. We have studied together in college for three years and everyone likes him for his helping nature. He is sincere and loves peace. Honesty is something which we all really admire in him. He has proven himself to be dependable at many circumstances.

I am sure he will be a great person in any working organization or living with him as a house mate. I wish him luck for his future. I shall be at your disposal in case of any queries.


Jonathan Rogers

Sample Character Recommendation Letter by Employer

This is a letter coming from someone whom you have worked with or under. It has a certain importance for other employers, because it talks about you as an employee and that is what the recipient is interested in. So make sure you approach someone who has a good opinion about you.

Marie Wood


ABC Company

4469 Stoney Lonesome Road

Olyphant, PA 18447


To Whom It May Concern,

It gives me pleasure to write about Mr. Ronald Daniel. He has been in my team for three years and has shown all the signs of a good professional. He has commendable organizing skills, research abilities, the right amount of enthusiasm to work at both a junior or senior level in a team, helping and always complies with the rules and regulations.

I am sure he will be a good employee wherever he goes and thus I highly recommend that he be given the job he seeks with full confidence and conviction. I shall remain available to answer any queries or discuss anything about Mr. Ronald Daniel.



Marie Wood


These two examples highlight different things in the same person. So depending on the reason one should write the letter accordingly. Also, do write in a way that will help both, the person and the recipient.

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