Tips and Tricks Do it Yourself Wedding Invitations

Congratulations! Wedding bells are soon to be heard round the corner. Are you going to get married soon? Well you will definitely need to invite your relatives and friends to attend this joyous event! However, sometimes you have not start on your wedding invitation yet.

For certain reasons, like wanting to save on some money on the wedding invitation and still showing your sincerity to those people that you had invited, you decided to make the wedding invitation on your own with your spouse. There are 2 ways to make them the unique one, either digitally or manually. Digitally made one will be much easier and convenient when you are going to print them in bulk.

However, manually made one will show your sincerity and effort, as well as the blissful feeling that you experienced while making it with your spouse. One of the advantages of hand-made wedding invitation is that none of them will be like the other, they are all unique.

Let's start with the digitally made wedding invitation first!

You can either do them from scratch if you ever had any experience with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, or if you happen to have these 2 software on your computer. Try playing around with the features in the software or if you prefer to get straight down to work, try searching for tutorials online to guide you to do the effect that you want.

If you do not have Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, there is always the alternative free software known as Gimp. Searching for Gimp tutorial to aid you along will be helpful too. If you prefer to have a template to guide you, there are always lots of free online templates for you to use. Do a Google search for them.

Once they are done with the design, buy some printing paper and you are ready to print them out. 80gsm paper is not advisable as it is too flimsy, sometimes something thicker than that like 120gsm paper will do. Now, moving on to the manually made wedding invitation!

Firstly, you should make a trip down to any craft store to get the necessary materials that you will need, be it colored paper, glue, scissors or anything that you find appropriate. Next, try finding a cute or nicely taken photo of you and your spouse to be pasted on the wedding invitation, just to let others know who is getting married.

Lastly, let's start making! Unleash all your creativity brain cells to make your wedding invitation. It is always wise to put in the names of you and your spouse, who are getting married, as well as the location the wedding is held at. Sometimes a small note to your relatives and friends will be good too. I wish you an everlasting marriage!

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