Templatic Themes Sells Some Unique WordPress Premium Themes

Templatic is a premium WordPress theme developer offering professional grade WordPress themes for use on self-hosted blogs and websites.

Their gallery includes dozens of theme designs at this time, with new themes coming out on a monthly basis. There are additional themes available exclusively to Club members.

There is a small selection of free themes, but the major requires you to make a purchase. All themes are designed with search engine optimization in mind.

The gallery includes CMS themes, portfolio themes, e-commerce themes, magazine themes, and multimedia themes.

What I Like Most About Templatic WordPress Themes

The on thing I like most, and in fact distinguishes Templatic from other WordPress theme developers is the fact that design themes for specific businesses. For examples, they sell themes for:

  • lodging businesses (ie hotels and bed and breakfasts),
  • restaurants,
  • spas,
  • Ebook and digital product websites,
  • E-commerce,
  • Q & A style sites,
  • job board websites,
  • wedding theme,

plus more.

Pricing & Licensing Model

When purchasing individual themes, prices start around $ 60 for license to use the theme on one site. Prices for use on multiple sites start around $ 100 and go higher with some themes. License delivered with these packages gives you a lifetime right to use the theme so there is never an additional cost. PSD files are only included in multiple use license purchases.

Club members receive unlimited access to all templates in existence, including all new releases that come out during the course of membership. Individual themes can be used on as many different sites as you like and you have access to theme updates as they are released. Cost for the club is $ 299 for a year.

All licenses give users the right to put copyright in their own name without any mention about Templatic, a premium WordPress theme developer. All themes can be used on domains that are being designed for a paying client or which will be sold.

All payment processing is completed through Paypal.

PSD Files with WordPress Theme Purchase

PSD files are only available for multiple use license purchases. If you just purchase the license for use on one website you will not get the PSD files. Club members can access all PSD files for themes used during the course of membership, making that clearly the best value if you are interested in Templatic themes.

Refund Policy after Templatic Theme Purchase

Templatic does not allow refunds for any reason. They do not offer any type of warranty, even if the theme ends up not working with your browser or plug-ins that you want to use. You have to check compatibility with these things prior to making a purchase.

Technical Support

Technical support is offered through a help desk feature on the website only.

Customized Options with Themes

Templatic does not provide special customizations of their themes as a standard service. The website does feature a job board section where you can post the theme that you have purchased and details on what type of customizations you would like to have done. This allows developers to bid on the job, but they are not developers employed by Templatic directly. There is no way to predict the quality of the customizations from these developers.

You can always become a member member or purchase the multiple use licenses so you have access to the PSD files. This allows you to make your own changes to the theme with Photoshop.

History of Templatic

Templatic is a reinvention of a company called Premium Themes. Premium Themes went into business with a small selection of custom made WordPress themes in 2008 and at the end of 2009 they were re-introduced to the market as Templatic.

Who is Behind Templatic Premium WordPress Themes?

Templatic themes are put on the market by a team of 5 professionals, all with their own area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. R. Bavesh was the original inventor of the business and remains an administrator over the business today. He is involved in all areas of the business and is behind every move the company makes and every new theme that they introduce.

Russell West is working as the Support Coordinator and has a visible presence through the member only forums. He has been involved with WordPress theme design since they were first introduced to the market so he has an extensive knowledge in how the themes have changed over the years.

All scripts for Templatic themes are written by programmer Vipul Jariwala and front end coder Mitesh Roughnathwala works with the actual designs and translations into WordPress code.

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