Pros and Cons of WordPress Theme Memberships

When buying WordPress themes, you generally have 2 options:

1. Buy a single theme; or

2. Buy a membership and gain access to multiple or all the themes by the theme developer.

I tend to buy memberships, but not always. The following sets out the pros and cons of buying theme memberships.


1. More Theme Variety

This is the biggest advantage. There’s more to it than meets the eye. In fact one theme membership for me earned me many times more money than its cost because I was able to test different themes.

It’s nice trying different website designs. It’s even fun. However, the main reason to try different theme designs is to test conversion rates of the site.

For example, I had one business website that simply wasn’t converting very well with one business theme design. After testing a few designs, I found a design that converted incredibly well. I use that theme to this day for several business websites.

2. Cost Per Theme is Lower

Memberships can save you money in the long run. In fact, they can save you hundreds of dollars by getting access to all themes instead of buying them one-by-one.

3. Access to Beta Releases

Some theme developers will give members early access to beta releases which is great. You can build newly designed sites before the theme hits the market.

4. Learn a Ton about WordPress

Because I have access to many premium themes, I use a lot of themes. The result is I’ve learned a ton about customizing themes which in the long run has served me very well.

5. Ideal for Web Designers

Memberships are the only way to go for people who build sites for businesses. Having access to many designs saves time and money for clients. If you build template-based sites, you definitely want to state this, explaining the obvious advantage is it saves cost. However, you can customize designs quickly and easily for clients so the site is unique, yet you didn’t have to build it from the ground up.


1. Costs More Money

Yes, the cost per theme is lower, but your up-front expense is higher.

You definitely want to know whether the membership has a recurring cost. I tend to avoid these and prefer one-time memberships only. That said, it’s not always possible.

2. May Not Use Every Available Theme

If you pay for an all-theme access package, you may not use every theme. This may seem like you’re wasting money. However, in my experience, even if you use only a few of the themes, you’ll come out ahead in the long run.

3. May Regret the Purchase

I don’t necessarily recommend buying the full all-theme access package from the start (unless it’s the only option). The reason being you may not like the theme developer and prefer to use themes from another developer.

3 Key Things to Watch Out For

1. Watch out for recurring charges. These aren’t necessarily bad; however, it’s good to be aware of them.

2. Be sure you get the license you intend to get.

3. Ask whether you can pay only the difference if you buy a single theme and upgrade to an all-theme package down the road. This is ideal because it’s practically risk-free.

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