Program Planning and Control 101

Procurement environment poses many requirements businesses have to meet if they want to successfully proceed with an acquisition process and ultimately win the contract in question. In the case of government contracts this even more complicated because of the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) requirements that must be met.

In general, Earned Value Management is a technique to measure project performance and progress objectively and many industrialized nations utilize this technique in their procurement programs, including the United States.

Each program designed to win a government contract requires comprehensive solutions to enhance the costs, schedule, regulations and technical challenges. Oftentimes, the companies bidding for government contracts do not have appropriate knowledge and experience, as well as the right people and tools to maximize their competitive advantage. That is unfortunate as in many cases all attempts are defeated not because the company is not competent for the government contract, but because it did not proceed in compliance with all Governments regulations and because the Program Planning & Control have not been established effectively.

Sound Program Planning & Control, as well as Program & Technical Management are absolutely vital to evaluate and bring in qualified teams of people, deliver integrated cost and schedule management solutions and use the right tools and technology to maximize the success. All of the above described skills can typically not always be facilitated within the company itself so if you need help from an outside consultancy, there's always that option as well.

It takes decades of experience building up effective program planning and control solutions, supported by proven processes, templates and guides. You will ideally need to show the following advanced skills and support in various areas:

  • Support throughout the entire program, from pre-proposal to program execution.
  • Knowledge of federal regulations and procedures necessary to produce compliant products.
  • Cost and schedule management, as well as assessing risk and opportunity within the program.
  • Providing technical installation, training and support for desk top and enterprise scheduling software.
  • Assistance with required CCDR cost reports to the government.
  • Establishing a compliant EVMS to meet all government guidelines and requirements.
  • Fast and flexible approach to program design and problem solving.
  • Proven track record of success and excellence.

One good tactic is to conduct a mock EVMS review similar to the one the government will carry out. This may seem trivial at first, but a mock review can reveal and identify possible problem areas and correct them before it is too late. You can either do this internally, or hire a non-biased 3rd-party.

Before embarking, your organization must understand the challenges the procurement environment poses to a private enterprise, and demonstrate experience and expertise in Program Planning & Control. This pre-planning will be a valuable asset in the entire process of winning a government contract.

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