Plus Size Models – Creating A Good Impression

For far too long the modeling industry has been dominated by unrealistic and almost unattainable images of what an 'attractive' woman should look like – with the recent surge of plus size models breaking through, it is hoped that a more balanced view is being created to help guide young girls into healthier lifestyles.

It may be that attributes used to dictate that plus size models equal 'fat', but in fact, plus size models offer a much more realistic image of what a 'normal' woman looks like. This type of model is still beautiful, healthy and sexy, but a plus size model is also gifted with womanly curves. With so much coverage in the media regarding eating problems and offer an alternative role model for impressionable teenagers to look up to.

More Opportunities Available for Plus Size Models

If you want to become a plus size model, it is much easier now than ever before to find modeling agencies to work with. While there are some modeling agencies that work entirely with plus size models, many mainstream modeling agencies are now taking on this type of models to fill the increasing opportunities available.

To become this type of model, you need to fill a UK size 14 or 16 dress with wonderful curves – good proportions are vital, as are confidence, enthusiasm and a photogenic face. There are a multitude of clothes manufacturers who require a bevy of beauties to promote their ranges and show the world that larger curved women are stunning and 'normal' – no more expectations to be unnaturally thin.

Freelance or Plus Size Modeling Agency?

While there are opportunities around for freelance work, a more successful approach often involves supporting yourself with a reputable agency, who send out models to a variety of auditions and castings for catwalk events, promotional work and shoots for magazines.

Models who choose to go freelance soon find that it is a cut-throat industry, full of tough competition – so going into this industry for a designated agency will give you additional support and guidance to help you enjoy this career and life without so much personal pressure. Your agency will help you to create a stunning portfolio and will send you off to audits, without you having to trawl the internet and papers for jobs yourself.

Your agency will also be able to offer you advice on maintaining your curves, including information on maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime in order to retain your image. Any type of modeling is hard work and requires dedication and the ability to look after your body well, and this type of modeling is no different.

If you're really serious about this job, then contact an agency in the first instance – even if you're not quite ready to become one yet, they will offer you all of the vital information you need to work towards becoming a plus size model, so that you can show the world just how beautiful bigger ladies can be!

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