Pinkage, a sweet and colorful theme

Pinkage, a sweet and colorful theme

Pinkage is a theme designed to use as a Online Portfolio and a Social Networks Home all in one. You will find it on 3 colors version of each page of the Website, pink, blue and green. Include grids to create correct versions of 1024 or 1280 pixels wide.

– 5 psd files

– Instructions.txt

On the general text I used “Calibri” which is a Vista font but you can change for some other tipography.

On the title of the header I used the beautiful “Mail Ray Stuff” tipography which it’s free to download on:

For the Social Networks I used the excelent socials icons from DryIcons. You can find it here:

Furthermore you will have and extra. On the psd you will find the Vruce Vee character like an expandable vector inside of each PSD .

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