Incognito Portfolio & Business PSD Template

Incognito Portfolio & Business PSD Template

Incognito Portfolio & Business PSD Template

Flat, minimal and ultra-clean layout for your portfolio or your creative industry website.
Incognito comes with two purpose versions: Freelancer Portfolio and Creative Business.
Both of those versions comes with two layouts: one page or multipage layout.
Easy to edit; you just have to change fonts and colors.

2 versions included:
– Freelancer Portfolio
– Creative Business

2 layouts for both versions included:
– One page
– Multipage

Technical details:
– 100% vector shape layers, with no raster layers (only the smartphone, tablet and computer mockups are bitmaps because these kind of images cannot be included according to Envato policy).
– Easy to be converted into responsive design.
– Built with Bootstrap grid (12 columns of 70px width, 30px gutter width).
– 36 fully layered .psd, easy to customize and well organized.
– 36 preview .jpg.
– States of links and buttons included.
– Photoshop action to apply dark overlay on background images included.
– Help file included.

Font used:
– Open Sans (free Google Web Fonts)
– Bitter (free Google Web Fonts)

Icons used:
Font Awesome

Images used:
– Smartphone, monitor and other images used are described in the help file included.
– All project images used are the amazing work of:
Alan Power: Website, Dribbble, Facebook & Twitter
Anders Lönnfeldt: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo & Youtube
Ben Dunn: Behance, Dribbble & Twitter
Daniela Alves: Website, Dribbble & Twitter
Jardo de la Peña: Website, Behance, Dribbble, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter
Joel Felix: Website, Dribbble, Facebook, Vimeo & Twitter
Lex Nau: Website, Facebook & Twitter
Michael Crawford: Website, Creattica & Behance
Michael Sambora: Behance, Dribbble & Pinterest
Paolo Buffa: Website, Creattica & Flickr
Patrick Monkel: Website, Behance, Dribbble, Flickr & Twitter
Petr Had: Spendee & Dribbble
Stewart Kyasimire: Website, Dribbble, Google + & Vimeo
– All other images are examples of what you can do with this template.

Important: All images and icons used in this template are NOT included in the final purchase files: they are only used for preview scrennshots.

Psd files included:
Freelancer Portfolio Onepage:
– 1-freelancer-portfolio-onepage.psd
– 2-freelancer-portfolio-onepage-lightbox-project.psd
– 3-freelancer-portfolio-onepage-lightbox-blog-post.psd
– 4-freelancer-portfolio-onepage-lightbox-blog-post-open-form.psd
Freelancer Portfolio Multipage:
– 1-freelancer-portfolio-multipage-work.psd
– 2-freelancer-portfolio-multipage-project.psd
– 3-freelancer-portfolio-multipage-about.psd
– 4-freelancer-portfolio-multipage-blog.psd
– 5-freelancer-portfolio-multipage-blog-categories.psd
– 6-freelancer-portfolio-multipage-blog-archive.psd
– 7-freelancer-portfolio-multipage-blog-author-posts.psd
– 8-freelancer-portfolio-multipage-blog-post.psd
– 9-freelancer-portfolio-multipage-blog-post-open-form.psd
– 10-freelancer-portfolio-multipage-contact.psd
Creative Business Onepage:
– 1-creative-business-onepage.psd
– 2-creative-business-onepage-lightbox-project.psd
– 3-creative-business-onepage-lightbox-blog-post.psd
– 4-creative-business-onepage-lightbox-blog-post-open-form.psd
Creative Business Multipage:
– 1-creative-business-multipage-home.psd
– 2-creative-business-multipage-work.psd
– 3-creative-business-multipage-project.psd
– 4-creative-business-multipage-about.psd
– 5-creative-business-multipage-blog.psd
– 6-creative-business-multipage-blog-categories.psd
– 7-creative-business-multipage-blog-archive.psd
– 8-creative-business-multipage-blog-author-posts.psd
– 9-creative-business-multipage-blog-post.psd
– 10-creative-business-multipage-blog-post-open-form.psd
– 11-creative-business-multipage-contact.psd
– 1-states-freelancer-portfolio.psd
– 2-states-creative-business.psd
– 3-states-search-field.psd
– 4-states-project.psd
– 5-states-blog-categories.psd
– 6-states-blog-archive.psd
– 7-states-blog-post.psd


Incognito PSD Email Template
Flat, minimal and ultra-clean layout for your newsletter.
Great solution for your email marketing campaigns or periodical news.
Incognito comes with a full width version and boxed background version.
Easy to edit; you just have to change fonts and colors.
Purchase it here!

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