How to Design and Create Photoshop Templates For Your Website

"How to use CSS with photoshop"

This is a really handy website building and a images program. Adobe photoshop intimidates the beginner to moderately skilled website builder. How do you use Adobe photoshop and CSS if you are a beginner with limited adobe photoshop and CSS training?

The easiest and best way to start building your websites design and CSS is to start with the basics of Adobe photoshop. Let's start with the basics of Photoshop template designs.

Let's start with making a basic website template using adobe photoshop 7.0 as an example program.

1. Click File> New> A gray box will pop up with width and height options. A good starter sheet is 700px wide.

2. Using the Rectangular Marquee option in Photoshop, drag where you want your first column.
After you are satisfied with your column (s), right click and select Layer via Copy for all your columns. These are now new layers. Do this as many times as needed.

3. The layer box in the right corner will have a list of all your columns.

4. Double click on of your layers and now you have a list of styling options to use for your new website template. These options allow you to edit the gradients, drop shadow, pattern overlay and design of your column.

5. Making and Designing a background. Under the list of all of your layers you will see a specific layer called "background" double click this, and it is now called Layer 0. You can right click and select Blending options. You can change the color, pattern and and properties of the background.

6. Adding text. this is the final step of your new template! Select the "T" icon on the sidebar. A box will appear. Click it twice. Type the header of your new template! adjust to where you want it to go above your columns.

There you have it! Your basic template design and the easiest way to use Photoshop and CSS.

Photoshop by Adobe is by far the easiest and best program for website development. When you master the basics of adobe photoshop all of your starting issues with all websites design and fast and easy. Your new template will make your website look professional and well-made.

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