How to Convert PSD Into HTML Code for Websites

You have probably encountered difficulties with the display of PSD files on your website, yet this is a common issue of on line business owners who hire third parties to create logos, banners and other materials using Photoshop.

The problem itself does not necessarily lie in Photoshop while creating those images, but in the fact that this popular software recognizes PSD files as source files of the images. Unfortunately, PSD is not compatible with web formats and this is the cause of all the trouble for those who publish PSD files on the web.

Among the many coding languages on the internet, HTML (hyper text markup language) and XHTML (extensive hyper text markup language) are the most used. The major difference between these two codes is the fact that XHTML can be used for XML syntax as well.

You won’t be having any trouble displaying your PSD files on your webpage with any of these codes, but the XHTML solution may cost you a bit more money. Therefore, HTML is the best option to convert PSD files just in case you won’t need any XML.

Converting PSD to HTML is not as difficult as it seems if you know anything about these codes, but either if you are familiar to PSD and HTML, or you are a novice, the conversion is going to take some time. The first thing you need to do is flatten the graphic image. Depending on how you want your image to be displayed, you can choose to leave specific arias to be clickable, or you can leave the image flat and easy to upload.

If you are not familiar with those codes, make sure you communicate the details on how you want your image to appear to the person responsible for the conversion. There is a chance to splice the image by the help of certain software and then export it in a HTML format. After the upload on the server is complete, you can view the results. However, certain browsers may not be able to display the image on your website, so make sure to use several browsers to check that.

W3C is the industry accepted standard for HTML and XHTML codes, so you can check the validity of your generated code with that. Professional coders can convert PSD files into HTML or XHTML files for you, but a verification of the result is always indicated.

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