Great Money Writing for Ad Agencies

There can be great money to be had writing for ad agencies. All businesses are in regular demand for certain marketing materials to help increase traffic, boost their profits and also to raise awareness of their brand, product or service to the world. This is why as a copywriter, you can earn great money writing for ad agencies.

It is sometimes difficult to get the connection to work for these companies directly. Unless you know someone or have already been working in the industry for awhile and built up a reputation, it can be difficult to get in with them.

But you can use ad agencies as a source to help you get these big clients and make good money. This is because the companies go to the ad agencies to tell them what they want and they depend on these agencies to put them in touch with a writer who can get the job done.

When you work for an advertising agency, you can average from $ 25-45 per hour if you have three of fewer years' of experience. Freelance copywriters with 10 or more years in the business can earn from $ 55-75 per hour. In some cases, you may even be able to earn more.

You will typically not get a byline and you will not own your work after it is completed but you can use the ad agency as a reference and in some cases, you can also use the client you created the work for as a reference. This can go into your portfolio and help you get more jobs.

Before applying as a freelance copywriter with an ad agency, you will need to have a background with proven experience and samples in copywriting to have your resume considered. You will also need a quality resume that highlights your best achievements, experiences and past clients. If you have the experience to support a position, you can make great money writing for advertising agencies as a freelance copywriter.

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