Fotogez - Creative Photography Theme

Fotogez – Creative Photography Theme

Unique, Creative, Professional and Perfect, Meet the Amazing New Photography Design “Fotogez”

Showcase your amazing photography skills and setup a professional photography site with great features for Gallery, Journal, 2 unique Homepages and more!

PSD’s Include

  • Main Page Template Version 1(01_Home-1.psd)
  • Main Page Template Version 2(02_Home-2.psd)
  • About Us Page Version 1(03_About-1.psd)
  • About Us Page Version 2(04_About-2.psd)
  • Gallery Page Version 1(05_Gallery-1.psd)
  • Gallery Page Version 2(06_Gallery-2.psd)
  • Gallery Page Version 3(07_Gallery-3.psd)
  • Journal Page Version 1(08_Journal-1.psd)
  • Journal Page Version 2(09_Journal-2.psd)
  • Journal Details Page(10_Journal-Details.psd)
  • Contact Page(11_Contact.psd)





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