Flash Technology

Flash technology has already proved itself to be one of the most effective and reliable means of professional website creation. This technology more and more wins the general approval and gains the popularity all over the Internet. Flash technology or interactive web animation technology was developed and distributed by Macromedia Company. It combines a great deal of technological solutions in the sphere of multimedia presentation of the information. The Flash development was mostly oriented towards the vector graphics which helped to realize all basic multimedia elements: motion, sound and object interactivity. But for all that, the size of these programs is minimal and they do not depend on a user's screen resolution and web browser. These two aspects in their turn are the main requirements made to the Internet projects.

The main feature of Flash technology is that that it can perfectly replace any ordinary web page based on HTML. And here we may see essential advantages of Flash over HTML. Flash editors allow you to create dynamic scenes with different objects and describe the processes that will be performed during playback. The event-driven language ActionScript serves exactly this purpose. Of course, you may use GIF animation to create living and bright effects, but GIF file consisting of many images saved in one, is remarkably larger than a regular image and takes a lot of time to load. And in this case you can not control the animation as in Flash. Flash movies are in many ways similar to java applets, but it is easier to create Flash animations because java applets require programming skills.

Without a doubt Flash makes the web site more dynamic, interactive, eye-catching, and impressive. It allows you to use more sound and graphic effects. The programs required for web pages creation are shareware, and Macromedia gives the opportunity to use them freely during thirty days. All of the software required for viewing Flash pages is absolutely free. For this purpose you only need to install a special plug-in. But in most cases Flash page itself defines the absence of the required software and automatically downloads it; and only after that the page becomes visible.

Indisputable advantage of Flash is the possibility to create colorful animated dynamic, interactive pages of very small size that are ideal for use on the Internet. Different types of web sites ranging from complex company applications to online stores, promo-sites, newspapers, magazines and entertainment portals get their benefits from Flash animated effects. If a web master has a purpose to present a small amount of information, for example advertising information, in the most detailed way, he should definitely use Flash to win a success. Moreover, Flash web templates is becoming very popular among web professionals as well as amateurs who aspire to develop a captivating professional website without spending much time, money and efforts. Flash website templates are pre-made designs that just require additional customization to suit the needs of your project. This kind of web templates harmoniously combines theme-based graphics, action effects and sound accompaniment.

Flash technology is one of the perfect ways for creating multimedia presentation with the help of which you may tell about your company, form a good impression on your potential customers and provide a basis for further cooperation. Also multimedia presentation helps you announce new products and services giving a lot of useful information in the suitable interactive way. Due to the Flash animation this kind of presentations greatly differs from the traditional advertising means and gains a foothold in the market of computer technology. So, that's why there is no wonder that big companies tend to use websites with Flash. But if you own a small personal website (whether online portfolio, weblog or personal gallery) and looking for the best solution for you to attract visitors' attention, a website integrating Flash and HTML will be right for you.

Thus, Flash technology allows you to develop fully interactive websites for different purposes. Using Flash you can create a really unique design and navigation and easily organize the dialogue with a customer.

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