Do not Judge a Wedding Photographer by Their Portfolio

When planning a wedding, there are certain products / services that you simply can not take short cuts on – your wedding photographer is one of them! The food at the reception will be eaten; the wedding cake will ever expire, the flowers will die and all the rental items will be returned … but the photos will last forever! For that reason it's very important to choose your wedding photographer very carefully.

Step 1 when choosing a photographer is to have a look at their portfolios. Be very careful when only making a decision based on what you saw in a photographer's portfolio. It is obvious that when a photographer takes 500 or more photos at each wedding, there will be at least 2 or 3 stunning photos for each wedding. The problem now comes when the top 3 photo's of 100 weddings are put together to form a wedding portfolio that's almost too good to be true. Ask to see a complete album of at least 2 or 3 weddings – even if you have to contact some of the couples who made use of the photographer's services.

Step 2 is to make perfectly sure that you will be comfortable with the photographer on your special day. Remember that he / she will be with you every step of the wedding day; therefore a photographer without a personality or a photographer you do not like is a recipe for disaster! Also insist to meet the rest of the team. Most photographers have at least 1 assistant or partner, making sure that the wedding is covered from different angles. Using our own wedding as an example: We immediately felt at ease with our photographer, but his assistant on the day definitely did not share his passion for photography.Where the photographer was a chirpy, easy going person, his assistant was unfriendly and blunt with no people skills, resulting in a very awkward photo session at times.

Lastly it's very important to make a LIST of any specific photo's you want taken on the day. With all the excitement and activity on the wedding day, you might forget that you want a photo of the bride and her brother, or the groom and his primary school friends. Make sure you supply your photographer with a list of requests; that's the only way to avoid blaming anyone after the wedding.

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