A Tutorial on How to Convert PSD to Joomla Template

Nobody can challenge the power of uniqueness in today's highly neck-to-neck competitive marketplace. Therefore, a person needs a get visually appealing and unique website in order to attract eyes of the potential online visitors. This brings constant rise in the demand of PSD-to-Joomla conversion to get highly SEO semantic website hand coded HTML / XHTML / CSS strict mark-ups.

Below, an useful tutorial for converting custom Joomla theme / template from any PSD format based web template discussed in brief. Simply follow the below given steps:

  • Slicing of PSD file: All the static web templates used to get designed in Adobe PhotoShop software and saved in PSD format. The PSD format based image files need to slice further in multiple layers.
  • Convert PSD-to-HTML: Now, the PSD layers needs to be coded with clean, easy-to-understand, table less, well-listed, SEO semantic PSD to HTML / XHTML / CSS mark-up languages. Interestingly, a simplified extension of Hyper Text Markup Language – predominant (X) HTML is the basic language mainly used to add accessibility and interactivity in PSD web template.
  • XHTML-to-Joomla integration: Once, the PSD-to-HTML conversion process gets over then (X) HTML-to-Joomla integration and customization comes into real picture. Here, your brand new Joomla powered website gets ready within seconds.

A person needs to follow the above mentioned steps to convert PSD to Joomla them / template in order to build a great website powered by Joomla. However, creating Joomla based website directly from PSD web templates is a bit challenging task. In case, one does not have solid knowledge about Joomla CMS then it is advisable to hire dedicated Joomla developer for custom-made PSD to Joomla theme / template conversion to get an appealing and unique website.

Outsourcing virtual assistance of a skilled web programmer is the most reliable solution to get valued conversion service of PSD to Joomla. A web programmer will convert PSD to Joomla theme in order to design a unique web portal with W3C standards validation and cross browser compatibility. On the other way around, one get a professionally designed website created by integrating newly generated Joomla template without any mark-up errors.

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