10 Things You Must Do Before Making a Website

Entering into the market with a new business idea requires an appealing website. Designing a website is also a new experience for some business owners. Now the ball is in your court you have to decide how to reach the goal. In this guide I have focused on 10 points which needs to be considered before designing a website.

1. Collect basic information:

These are some basic questions that apply to every business running on the web.

1. What is the purpose of having the website?

2. How your business gets benefit from the website?

3. Who are your targeted audiences?

4. How often do they surf the web to avail online services?

5. Does feasibility study for the project, decide your budget and time for the project?

6. Prepare rough sketch for overview of the website?

The above questions are designed considering each general user, and effectively answering these questions can help you a lot before designing a website.

Now you are liable to move forward with this information, the next step is to look for highly creative web designers.

2. Hire a quality Web Designer:

It is strategic planning part of any project success of your website depends on the service provider. A quality web designer should possess a professional attitude towards his work. They answer all your important questions.

Do not forget to ask for a portfolio and client testimonials. Review them carefully and you can ask if he has experience with your business niche. Everything suits with your need, you can move forward to hire him and share details about your business and website.

Note: A quality web designer always asks for details about your business!

3. Web Hosting

Ask your designer if they also provide web hosting services. It will be fruitful if they are also dealing with web hosting services. You can simply pay it additional amount for web hosting service. Or simply you can take hosting from recommended hosting providers such as Blue host and Host Gator.

4. What graphics and content you want to display on the website?

Sometimes business owner gets confused what type of content best convey their message on the website. No worry, simply you can consider your competitor website as reference. They will also recommend what content should be displayed on the website. If your business idea is unique then you can brainstorm with your web industry experts about the content on the website.

5. Ask your designer what you will get in first design mock-up?

Planning part is ended here implementation part gets started. Designer first start with designing a logo, then initiated against images.

Make sure all the contents are properly displayed on the first mock-up design.

6. SEO Friendly layout:

It is most critical factor to get success in online media. Your website structure should be designed keeps in mind the SEO friendship. Make sure your website designer should have the know-how of latest SEO rules authorized by Google.

What points should be considered in designing an SEO friendly website.

1. The web site should be responsive to mobile and tablet devices

2. The web page should have the right combinations of text, images and other media.

3. SEO friendly web page URLs

4. Remove W3C errors

5. Reduce loading time

7. Install Webmaster and Analytics:

Make sure your web designers integrated your website with Google Webmaster tools and Google analytics. Webmaster is used to review the website errors and performance in search engine.

Google analytics is used to track traffic sources.

8. Integrate social media into the website:

Nowadays social media are the X – factor of success in the web world. Make sure all social media channels should be integrated into websites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If your business related to fashion, photography, media publications YouTube and P-interest can be required for your business.

9. Maintenance and support:

Ask your web designer about after sales services. Typically 60 day bug fixing support is provided without any additional charges. What does it include? If any of the functionality is working properly, you can ask your designer to fix it. If a website is having any designing you can to correct it.

10. Reach your targeted audience:

A web site without enough traffic does not make any sense. Plan an effective marketing campaign within your niche. Develop reach out plans with attractive offers and partnership offers.

I'll suggest you to go with custom web design services it will help you communicate your business idea more effectively.

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